OptiPix™ is free with all SmartParts Digital Picture Frame Purchases

OptiPix™ is designed to help you find, optimize and transfer pictures to your frame.
The software, residing on your computer, will guide you through 3 Easy Steps:
  1. View your vertical photos the right way
  2. Sharpen your photos
  3. Find and transfer photos to your frame
OptiPix™ will not alter your originals – it will create copies that will be optimized and transferred to your frame.
Using OptiPix™ you can store more then 2,000 pictures in your frame!
The software’s installation file is preloaded on the frame. Just double-click to install it on your PC.
OptiPix™ Pro is free with all 8.0" and larger SmartParts Digital Picture Frame Purchases

Use your frame to get the message out.

With Smartparts, Inc.’s exclusive OptiPix™ Pro software for Windows it’s easy to convert and transfer
PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and most picture and graphic files directly to your digital frame.

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